Comrade P Ramachandran began his political activity as a young student when he joined the All India Students Federation in 1939. Participating in the struggle for independence, he joined the Communist Party in 1942.
Hailing from Tellicherry in Kerala, he devoted his life to building the Communist Party in Tamilnadu. He was Secretary of the Tiruchirapalli District Committee from 1964 to 1977. He served as a member of the State Committee of Tamilnadu from 1964 till 1989. He also worked in the trade union movement for one and half decades.
P Ramachandran was elected to the Central Committee in 1985 at the 12th Congress of the Party. He was elected to the Central Secretariat in 1988 and the Polit Bureau at the 14th Congress in 1992.
He worked at the Party Centre for nearly two decades and made an important contribution to organisation and Party education.
He spent four years in jail and three years underground.
PRC, as he was known, was a comrade who endeared himself to all. While adhering to Marxism-Leninism he always sought to imbibe new ideas and integrate it into his ideological outlook.
He died on July 8, 2008.