TAPAN KUMAR SEN : Sir, I stand here to draw the attention of the House to a very serious issue. I wish HRD Minister had been here. She was here only but it is my misfortune that I could not speak before her. The issue is that a few lakhs of para-teachers were not being paid full wages of teachers. They are running the school education system throughout the country but their livelihood and employment has been put to serious threat.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: Are they under the Central Government or the State Government?

SHRI TAPAN KUMAR SEN: They are under the State Government; they are employed under the school education system with less salary to supplement the regular teachers in the school and their number is a few lakhs. In my State alone, fifty three thousand para teachers are there. Now, their job is going to end by 31st of March because as per the stipulation of the Right to Education Act they ought to be covered by Diploma in Education Training but that is not taking place for no fault of theirs. Teachers cannot train themselves. The arrangement is to be made by the respective Government and the Central Government has also got a role to play. After 31st March, if they are not covered by that training, they are going to lose their job. They are a few lakhs. Again I repeat, in my State their number is fifty three thousand. They are agitating; they are on hunger strike. The time gap is less between today and 31st March. Even God cannot ensure that within this short time the whole thing can be completed. So, I urge the intervention of the Central Government. That is why I am raising it here. It is a question of bread and butter of a few lakhs who, at the same time, have been holding the very foundation of the school education system. If they are off, no Government can appoint teachers on a short spell to keep the wheel of education on in different schools. Unfortunately, hon. Minister has just gone; sorry, I couldn’t make her sit here. But, I think, it is a very serious issue. They are going to lose their job. So, I urge upon the Government to do something so that that period is extended and their employment continues. School education also should not suffer. At the same time, the State Government and the Central Government together must make an arrangement that within a reasonably short time they are covered by that training process. Otherwise, they will lose their job.

MR. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN: If they are a few lakhs and if they are terminated, how will the Government replace and how will the Government make new recruitment?

TAPAN KUMAR SEN: No, they cannot because that has also got certain procedure. They are working for 20-25 years; they are going to lose their job.

You cannot throw them on the street. …(Interruptions) ..


DR. T.N. SEEMA (KERALA: Sir, I associate myself with the issue raised by the hon. Membe

M.P. ACHUTHAN : Sir, I associate myself with the issue raised by the hon. Member.

T.K. RANGARAJAN : Sir, I associate myself with the issue raised by the hon. Member.