Polit Bureau Member, Pinarayi Vijayan reacting to the entry of the Delhi Police into the Kerala House has said that the transgression into Kerala House, alleging that cow meat was being served, is a warning to all. Neither is there a ban on buffalo meat in New Delhi nor is there any restriction on cooking and serving it in Kerala House.

The unlawful entry of Delhi Police into Kerala House based on the allegation of some religious fanatics is nothing but the implementation of the agenda of the ‘Sangh Parivar’. The Delhi Police, which is under the control of the BJP-led Central government is trying to intimidate and dictate the food habits of Malayalis.

The message that is being sought to be conveyed is that, just like they beat Mohammad Akhlaq to death, tomorrow they will enter into any kitchen and unleash attack. Every effort to disturb our kitchen, our privacy or our freedom should be defeated with all our might.

Pinarayi Vijayan added that the Kerala House incident has created fear in the minds of the Malayali community in Delhi. This is an intrusion into the fundamental rights of the citizens and the authority and autonomy of State governments. It is surprising that the Congress led UDF government in Kerala has not yet reacted or intervened in this matter properly.