The details of the Organisational Plenum have been finalized.  Plenum will be held from December 27 to 31, 2015 at Kolkata.  It will be attended by 436 delegates.  There will be a Report on Party Organization and a Resolution which will be adopted at the Plenum.


The West Bengal State Committee of the CPI(M) is making elaborate preparations for making this important event in the CPI(M)’s history a success.  The preparations are proceeding in full steam. The Plenum will begin with a massive Party rally and public meeting at the historic Brigade Parade Grounds in Kolkata on 27th December.  Preparations are on to make this meeting one of the largest people’s gathering at the Brigade, with the participation of 10 lakhs plus people. 


From December 1 to 6, Left parties will be implementing in West Bengal, the all-India call for an intensive campaign against growing communal intolerance and hatred being spearheaded by RSS/BJP across the country.


At the level of the West Bengal state, 113 Left mass organizations have come together to form the Bengal Platform of Mass Organisations (BPMO).  The BPMO has decided to conduct `jathas’ all over the state from November 14 to 22.  In the first phase, these jathas will cover 64,222 polling booths in the state out of a total of 77,242.  Close to 17 lakh comrades will be participating in the 11,269 jathas.  During the course of this programme, 11,313 mass meetings will be held both in urban and rural Bengal.  This is part of the struggle launched by the Left parties on a 15-point charter of demands linking these up with the local issues.  The main thrust of this programme is to resist the ongoing attacks on democracy by the Trinamool Congress and its state government  through the spread of violence, intimidation and terror.  Issues of safeguarding and strengthening secularism and resisting the continuous economic burdens being imposed on the people will form the three major issues around which these programmes will be conducted.