June 15, 2015


Press Statement



The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following 

The intervention by the Minister of External Affairs, in inappropriately facilitating the travel of a person with serious criminal charges connected with the IPL controversy, is completely unacceptable.


In the background of the loud campaigns made on completion of the first year of this BJP government, the Prime Minister must redeem the assertions that he has made to the Indian people on the grounds that his government is “corruption free” and “accountable”. The accountability of the Prime Minister and the government on this score can be enforced only when the Prime Minister, whose prerogative it is under our constitutional scheme of things to decide on the composition of the Union Cabinet, announces the necessary action on this score. There must be a thorough enquiry into all the allegations that have surfaced regarding this affair and consequent punishment under the law must be taken promptly against all concerned.