P.B. Communiqué
A meeting of the Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) was held in New Delhi on May 16, 2011. It has issued the following statement:
On Election Results
After being in office for a record thirty four years, the Left Front suffered a big defeat in the West Bengal assembly elections. The Polit Bureau decided to conduct a detailed review of the results and draw the necessary conclusions to ascertain the causes for this defeat. The Left Front government had over the three decades registered significant achievements. Despite these, there were shortcomings in the political, governmental and organisational spheres. It is evident that the people have opted for a change and the circumstances that led to this mood among the people should be properly assessed. The Party will seriously conduct this examination and take the necessary steps to overcome the shortcomings and reconnect with the people who have been alienated.
Those who have written off the CPI(M) and the Left Front on the basis of these results are not only mistaken but will be proved wrong. Despite the electoral reverses, the Left Front has got the support of one crore 96 lakh people which is over 41 per cent of the votes polled. The CPI(M) and the Left Front  will unitedly work to expand this support base by assiduously championing the people’s interests both within the assembly and outside and launching struggles of the working people.
In Kerala the LDF fell short of a majority by three seats. The electoral performance of the LDF shows that people have generally appreciated the work of the LDF government. The LDF polled 45.13 per cent of the votes cast which is only 0.89 per cent less than that of the UDF. The CPI(M) and the LDF will continue to work for defending the pro-people policies and will conduct struggles in defence of the interests of the working people.
The Polit Bureau expressed its gratitude to the tens of thousands of workers of the CPI(M), the Left Front in West Bengal and the Left Democratic Front in Kerala for the hard work they have put in during the election campaign.
Election Review
The Polit Bureau decided to convene a meeting of the Polit Bureau and Central Committee from June 10 to 12, 2011 at Hyderabad. After the review conducted by the State Committees, the Central Committee will finalise the Election Review and the steps to be taken to strengthen the Party and the movement.
West Bengal Attacks Condemned
The Polit Bureau noted that immediately after the election results there have been widespread attacks on the CPI(M) and the Left Front in different parts of West Bengal. Scores of Party offices and houses of cadres and supporters have been attacked. There have two murders of CPI(M) leaders  in the last two days. In Garbeta in West Midnapore District, CPI(M) Zonal Committee Member Jiten Nandi was killed on May 14. A day later on May 15, in Bankura District, CPI(M) Local Committee Secretary of Saltora, Ajit Lohar was killed by TMC goons.
A list of the attacks which have taken place is attached.
The Polit Bureau demanded an immediate halt to the violence directed against the CPI(M) and the Left Front. The Trinamul Congress leadership has the responsibility to ensure that this violence is ended.  
The Polit Bureau calls upon the entire Party and the Left forces to stand behind the CPI(M) and the Left Front in West Bengal to face this onslaught.
The Polit Bureau appeals to all democratic forces in the country to protest against such anti-democratic attacks and physical violence directed against the opponents of the ruling alliance.

Karnataka Crisis
The BJP government headed by Yeddyurappa has been fully exposed by the Supreme Court order quashing the disqualification of 16 MLAs of the Karnataka assembly. The judgment shows how through manipulation and illegal moves the MLAs were disqualified. The Yeddyurappa government has lost all legitimacy and should resign forthwith.
The CPI(M) is of the opinion that Article 356 should not be resorted to in Karnataka.
Instances of post-poll violence in West Bengal
West Midnapore district:
1. Goaltor: TMC goons surrounded Hoomgarh Local Committee office. When the Police, they forced the police to conduct a search, despite the police explaining that they did not have a search warrant. Nothing could be found. The police then asked the TMC goons to move out. When they refused, there was a lathicharge. Goons also surrounded Hoomgarh Local Committee Secretary, Sunil Gayen’s house and asked his son to surrender. The police intervened and stopped that. They attacked Local Committee Member Balai Biswas’s house. Com. Biswas suffered head injuries. They also beat up the executive member, in-charge of power of the panchayat samiti. They surrounded Party activist Gautam Ghosh’s house and tried to put it on fire. In Pathapara (No. 4 Gram Panchyat), they asked Party activist, Subrata Ahir to surrender. He alongwith some others escaped and took refuge in Sarenga Zonal Committee office in Bankura district. 
2.    Salboni: In Sijua Gram Panchayat, Sudarshan Das of Sijua Memul was severely beaten while he was on his way to Salboni alongwith his daughter. In Sijua, TMC goons are threatening our people in all the villages and asking them to surrender. They forcibly searched Sudhir Mahato’s house in Pirakuli. They could not find anything. In No. 5 Gram Panchayat, in Bankishol, two of our comrades, including Rampada Mahato were beaten up and kept in confinement in the TMC office. In Garhmal Gram Panchayat, they are threatening our supporters to surrender. 
3. Belda: In Kunarpur Local Committee office, three activists alongwith Nirmal Singh were beaten up. They put up the TMC flag removing the CPI(M) flag. After the police intervened, they restored our flag. In Muradur, they are torturing our supporters from the minority community and imposing fines. In Manna Gram Panchayat, they hurled filthy abuses in front of our Local Committee office. 
4. Midnapore Sadar: In No. 1 Panchkhuri Gram Panchayat – in Chherua, they are torturing families supporting our Party. They are threatening them to surrender. In No. 1 Gram Panchayat area of Sadar Block 1, which was affected by Maoist violence in the past – in Baghara and Shirshi, they are assembling their people to attack adjoining villages. In Gram Panchayat No. 4, our Party activist, Malay Barik, was severely beaten up. 
5. Keshpur: In Mugbazar Gram Panchayat in Bajowara, Party activist Mobaitul was beaten. They attacked Bajowara Party office and forced our activists out of the office. In Amritpur, they attacked Tapan Das and beat him. He had to be hospitalised. In Neradeul Local Committee area – in the villages of Cherua, Shashagerra, Makul Chowk, Talkotai, Mahishagerra, Kashipota, they attacked our activists. Tapan Mondal of Kashipota village under No. 4 Golar Gram Panchayat was beaten up. They destroyed certain houses in Khetua, Taria and Rajgra.
6. Garbeta: In No. 7 Gram Panchayat area of Benachapra, Samadgayen was severely beaten up. Our Zonal Committee member, Jiten Nandi was severely beaten up. Later on, Jiten Nandi was killed and on 15th a state level Left Front delegation visited the place. Com. Surjyokanta Mishra and Mohd. Salim were of this. In No. 7 Gram Panchayat, in Bhattagram, Kanai Giri has been severely beaten up. Some houses have been destroyed in Saita and Sidir Dorra of Fatesinghpur. In the Uttarmil village, they forcibly took Biswanath Mondal to the TMC office. In Jadavbati village, they are destroying the houses of many of our Party activists. In Phulberia, they have beaten up Sanmura Jaba. In Chandabila, they have destroyed the houses of Ataul Mallik and Shahan Mallik.
7. Chandrakonaroad: In Guai Daha, the Local Committee office was attacked. They beat up Zonal Committee member, Swapan Barik. They attacked the Party office functionary Shibu Ghosh. They surrounded the house of Zonal Committee member Ansar Mondal (counting agent) in Domahali village. They beat up his brother. Police arrived at the spot and conducted a search. Then the police removed the TMC goons. In No. 2 Gram Panchayat in Khagra, they are beating up our people. They forcibly closed down our Bahara Shol Party Local Committee office and attacked and threw stones at our comrades. 
8. Chandrakona: TMC goons have destroyed two CPI(M) offices in Jhankra. They have beaten up quite a few of our members and supporters.

East Midnapore district:
1. Haldia: Our Trade Union offices have been destroyed and TMC flags have been hoisted on two of our offices here. One office was locked up. It was reopened after police intervention. Two Party branch offices have been destroyed. Threats are being handed out. There will be a victory procession by the TMC here, which raises apprehensions of further attacks. 
2. Panskura West: On the night of the counting day, 13th May, in Maishora, two of our Party leaders, Shamsad Ali –Zonal Committee Member and Kishore Pande – Local Committee Member were severely beaten up. Their hands have been fractured and they suffered head injuries as well. They continue to remain admitted to the Midnapore College Hospital. Throughout 14th May, there have been major disturbances in the Maishora area. The Party leadership has been forced to leave their houses. Here also goons owing allegiance to the TMC are enforcing fines. 
3. Bontai North: TMC goons have been threatening our Party supporters in No. 2 Gram Panchayat of Egra in Bathuari and attacking the houses of our activists and sympathisers. They have been going from house to house and intimidating our workers. Two families were forced to leave their homes.
4. Ramnagar: The TMC goons tried to put the Digha Local Committee and two other offices on fire. In Talgachhari, they beat up a Zonal Committee member, Com. Arabinda Patra. 
5. Bhagwanpur: In Baroj Gram Panchayat – in Arjunnagar area, many of our sympathisers have been physically assaulted forcing them to leave their homes. 
6. Nandigram: They have attacked and destroyed Reyapara Local Committee office. In Amdabad, they have carried out attacks on 5 to 6 houses while holding a procession. They have attacked the house of our district committee member, Com. Sujata Maity and put it on fire. They are assaulting our sympathisers and activists in Kanungochowk and West Birulia. About 65 people were forcibly vacated from their houses. 
7. Tamluk: They have attacked, destroyed and locked up our Tamluk Rural Zonal Committee office. They have also destroyed our Gourangapur branch office under Nimtouri Local Committee. 
8. Chandipur: TMC goons have occupied our Jagatitala branch office under Bibhishanpur Local Committee of Bhagwanpur Zonal Committee. 
9. Khejuri: They have severely beaten up 7 to 8 people from Harijanpalli. Out of them, the condition of Paban Ghorai is critical. In Garrang village, they have severely beaten up people from eight families and are threatening them and asking them to leave the homes. Papers and documents at two Party offices in Sherkhanchowk and Dhangchurkunjatur, have been burnt. The Bartala Party Office has been locked by them. 
10. Patashpur: In Barhat Gram Panchayat, two comrades including Shankar Majhi, in Paharpur 2 to 3 activists including Com. Goursamata, and two other activists from Vonara village were attacked. In villages of Madan Mohanpur, Chandan Khali, Mathura, Balyagovindpur of Patashpur 2 block and No. 12 Gram Panchayat, villages of Ichhabari Siari, Jabda, Kakhuria, Mangal Chowk, Laya of No. 14 Gram Panchayat and villages Mallikpur Sukakhola, Hinghibar and Bamanbar under No. 13 Gram Panchayat, widespread assault, arson and destruction have been carried out. They have locked our Southkhand Local Committee office. 
Kolkata district: (13th & 14th May, 2011)
1. Ward No. 60 – From 14th night, under the leadership of the Ward Councillor, 30 to 40 Trinamool workers attacked and locked a number of clubs and the ICDS Centre. They also intimidated a Local Committee Member.
2.  Beleghata ward No. 34 & 35 – TMC goons have put Trinamool flag on two clubs and one library belonging to a social organisation. They beat up a Zonal Committee member, Amal Khatua who is also the Headmaster at a local school. 
3. Ward No. 32 – They have selectively attacked 4-5 petty shops and looted them. They also beat three persons.
4. Ward No. 31 – They have locked up a club here. People of the locality protested and held a meeting.
5. Ward No. 57 – They tried to forcibly put colour on an old Left sympathizer. When he resisted, he was beaten up. When men and women of the locality protested, they threw a bomb.
6. In Sealdah, they threatened the workers and members of the rail hawkers and the taxi union.   They hoisted TMC flags with the help of outsiders on the union offices. They have threatened them to stop work and have also taken away the hawkers union’s flag.
7. They have forcibly occupied the autostand at Dhapa. At Badha-Battala (Garden reach) and Khidirpur Ram Nagar autostand, they tried to create disturbance in order to put Trinamool flag. In Badha Battola taxi stand, they tore the CITU flag.
8. At Hathibagan, TMC goons have occupied the local organisation office and removed furniture and other things from there. Even after the police intervened, their threats did not stop. They locked the local office. The key is with the police now.
9. Ward 34 – In Chaulpatti, they went from house to house and threatened our people and even beat some of them. Due to these threats, two Committee Members could not go to their houses.
10. In Narkaldanga, they have beaten up hawkers.
11. TMC goons have captured the Joka Party office and damaged furniture and other equipment inside the office. In Joka Jiyadar Gaud panchayat, they are forcing the woman panchayat member to resign. They attacked the house of panchayat Pradhan Anand Pattra (Joka – I). His father was beaten up. The panchayat Pradhan was forced to leave the locality. His whereabouts are not known and we have not been able to establish contact with him.
12. Bikas Bor, a sympathizer in Joka-I was beaten up. After tying his hands and feet he was thrown into a canal. Some local people after coming to know of this, rescued him from the canal. They have beaten a helper, Shyamal, in the auto stand, opposite Joka Local Committee office.  Some drivers of the stand were also involved. Unable to bear this, Bikas Bor and Anando Patro have left the place.
13.  In Behala West Ward No. 130, TMC goons beat up Local Committee Member Kishore Bhowmic and Party member Gour Senapati. 
14. TMC goons have occupied the union office of Webel at Taratala Hyde Road and Esab India. They have also occupied the Webel union office at Salt Lake. This was done under the leadership of one Krishnendu Chatterjee.
15. In North Kolkata Ward No. 7, a Left sympathizer was severely beaten by heavily drunk TMC men. Local people protested against this. Police detained two persons but released them afterwards.
16. In Ward No. 1, Ratan Basu Road, one Party comrade was beaten. They tried to forcibly occupy the auto stand. They have threatened to occupy the BMPEU office and have forcibly put up the TMC flag.