Press Release

Prakash Karat, General Secretary and Mohd Yusuf Tarigami, Central Committee member of the CPI(M) met the Prime Minister on 2nd September to convey the Party’s views on the Jammu and Kashmir situation.

They told the Prime Minister that they welcomed the invitation to the Hurriyat conference for talks on 5th September. This is a timely political initiative. The CPI(M) has been advocating the opening of a dialogue with all political parties and groups in the state. This should be followed up by talks with other parties, leaders and those represented in the assembly too of all the regions. In this connection, the resolution on autonomy passed by the J&K assembly in 2000 can also be considered as a basis for talks with those concerned with it.

This political dialogue can be fruitful given the India-Pakistan dialogue which is progressing well. Apart from the Srinagar-Muzzafarbad road, other routes for travel between the two sides of the LOC should be opened and a beginning in trade facilitated. Given the alienation of the people in the valley, any sincere step at this stage should elicit a good response. While the security forces are working in a difficult situation, it is important that at this stage, care is taken to avoid any excesses and human rights violations.
The Prime Minister responded by stating that he is earnestly going to pursue the political talks and explore all avenues for a settlement.