The Draft Political Resolution was introduced to the 23rd Party Congress by the General Secretary, Sitaram Yechury, yesterday afternoon.

As is the tradition of vigorous inner-Party democracy practised by the CPI(M), this Draft Resolution was released two months in advance and all Party members have the right to send amendments directly to the Central Committee. 4,001 amendments were received by the Central Committee, in the stipulated time. All of them have been considered and a Report on Pre-Congress Amendments was presented by the General Secretary to the Congress listing out those that have been accepted by the Central Committee and placed before the Congress.

The discussion on the Draft Political Resolution began in the morning of April 7.

The following comrades have taken part in the discussion so far:
P. Rajeev from Kerala, Srijan Bhattacharya from West Bengal, R. Badri from Tamilnadu, Uday Narkar from Maharashtra, Haripada Das from Tripura, Lalan Chaudhary from Bhiar, Ram Gopal from Andhra Pradesh, Prakash Viplav from Jharkhand, Janardan Pati from Odisha, Isfaqur Rahman from Assam, Dhuli Chand from Rajasthan and Balakrishna Shetty from Karnataka.

In the morning session today, the Congress also adopted a resolution calling for large scale protest actions against the utterly callous manner in which the BJP central government is permitting the announcement of a daily hike in prices of petroleum products which has triggered a spiralling overall inflationary cycle heaping more untold miseries on the people. It demanded the immediate withdrawal of additional taxes imposed during the NDA regime. It also demanded that the government increase taxes on the rich, impose controls on and reduce the retail prices of petroleum products, and stop the privatisation of public sector undertakings in the petroleum sector.  (A copy of the resolution is attached)

The 23rd Congress has received messages of greetings from 40 fraternal Communist and Workers parties from various countries.

List of Fraternal Parties from whom we have received Greetings

No        Name of Party
1.                Communist Party of China
2.                Communist Party of Vietnam
3.                Communist Party of Cuba
4.                Workers’ Party of Korea
5.                Lao People’s Revolutionary Party
6.                Communist Party of Australia
7.                Communist Party of Bangladesh
8.                Workers Party of Bangladesh
9.                Workers Party of Belgium
10.                Communist Party of Bohemia & Morevia
11.                Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB)
12.                Communist Party of Britain
13.                Communist Party of Burma
14.                Communist Party of Chile
15.                AKEL of Cyprus
16.                Galizan People’s Union
17.                German Communist Party
18.                Die Linke, Germany
19.                Communist Party of Greece
20.                French Communist Party
21.                Tudeh Party of Iran
22.                Iraqi Communist Party
23.                Communist Party of Ireland
24.                Workers Party of Ireland
25.                Italian Communist Party
26.                Japanese Communist Party
27.                Communist Party of Nepal (UML)
28.                Communist Party of Nepal (United Socialist)
29.                Communist Party of Pakistan
30.                Palestinian Communist Party
31.                Portuguese Communist Party
32.                Communist Party of Russian Federation
33.                Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE)
34.                Communist Party of Sri Lanka
35.                People’s Liberation Front (JVP), Sri Lanka
36.                Communist Party of Swaziland
37.                Communist Party of Turkey
38.                Communist Party, USA
39.                Communist Party of Venezuela
40.                South African Communist Party