The Draft Political-Organisational Report was introduced by Prakash Karat in the evening session on April 8, 2022.

In the discussion on the Draft Political-Organisational in the morning session of April 9, 15 delegates participated.

Following are the delegates who participated in the discussion: K N Balagopal (Kerala); Jamir Mollah (West Bengal);  Amal Chakraborty (Tripura); K Anandraj (Tamilnadu); Ajay Kumar (Bihar); P Hatilwalikar (Maharashtra); Sumitra Chopra (Rajasthan); Nayan Bhuyan (Assam); Sameer Das (Jharkhand); P Satidevi (Kerala); PMS Grewal (Delhi); Kallol Majumdar (West Bengal); P Jyoti (Telangana); B L Bharati (Uttar Pradesh); Bhupchand Channo (Punjab).

The discussion on the Draft will continue in the afternoon. The reply to the discussion will be given tomorrow morning (April 10), after which it will be placed for adoption.

A resolution on the “Massive Crisis of Unemployment” and another resolution expressing Solidarity with Palestine were passed in the evening session on April 8, 2022.

A resolution opposing the National Monetisation Pipeline and another on “Against Growing Attacks on Women” were passed in the morning session today. Another resolution titled “Salute the Achievements of the Left Democratic Government in Kerala” was also passed this morning.