Press Statement

 The Left Parties, the CPI(M), CPI, AIFB and RSP have issued the following statement:

The increase in the prices of essential commodities particularly of food items has become unbearable for the people. The prices of all pulses (dal) have shot up to such an extent, with some varieties priced between Rs. 80 and 100 per kg, that the common people cannot afford them any more. The prices of edible oil, vegetables, rice, wheat and other food items have also been increasing without respite.
The price rise has also been fuelled by the callous decision of the UPA government to increase the prices of petrol and diesel. The prospects of drought in many states due to deficient monsoon will further put pressure on the prices of food items.
The Left parties have decided to jointly conduct an anti-price rise agitation to demand that the government take immediate and effective steps to curb price rise of essential commodities.
The Left parties are instructing their party units to jointly conduct the agitation in the states to mobilise the people against price rise. The major demands are:
1. Provide dal and edible oil at subsidised rates through the public distribution system.
2. Revamp the public distribution system by expanding the BPL category and restore the allocation for the APL categories as an interim measure towards universalisation of PDS
3. Scrap the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel.
4. Prohibit futures trading in all food related items.
Prakash Karat
A.B. Bardhan
General Secretary, CPI(M)
General Secretary, CPI
Debabrata Biswas
T. J. Chandrachoodan
General Secretary, AIFB
General Secretary, RSP