The attack on the democratic rights and massive rigging of votes in West Bengal is nothing but a clear expression that the TMC has lost faith in people. To safeguard and restore the rights of people Tripura will always stand in solidarity with them. This was the message that has come out from the protest actions all over the state as part of the call of the Left parties against the large scale rigging and violence by TMC in Bengal.

Protest meetings were held in almost all the district head quarters. In Agartala a militant protest march started from CPI(M) Sadar Divisional Committee office and culminated at Paradise Chowmohoni. Here CPI(M) state secretary Bijan Dhar, state secretariat member Gautam Das , DC secretary Samar Adhya were the speakers.

Bijan Dhar said, barely three years back TMC had assumed office in Bengal. It is evident that this government is immersed itself in corruption. People have seen through their empty claims of development. They were afraid that a free and fair election could have meant electoral disaster for them. That is why on polling day this unprecedented rigging and violence have taken place.  A reign of semi fascist terror has been imposed on Bengal. The demon that had come out of bottle in Bengal 3 years back will have to be again locked into the bottle, it is the responsibility of the people of whole country to aid the fighting masses of Bengal in this task, he added.

CPI(M) state secretariat member Gautam Das said, the constitutional and democratic rights of the people in Bengal is under attack today. The women are not safe, a state of anarchy is prevailing there.

CPI(M) and CPI jointly organised demonstrations across Tamil Nadu in response the call of the Left parties condemning the terror raj of TMC in West Bengal.

In Chennai, both the North and South Chennai district committees of the Left parties have organised huge protest at Cheppak government guest house.

CPI(M) MLA of Maduravoyal, K.Bhimrao presided over the meeting. CPI(M) central committee members A.Soundararjan, P.Sampath and CPI leaders M.Veerapandian, M.Sampath and Ezhumalai and others addressed the protest.
Hundreds of cadres of the Left parties held protest demonstrations in Madurai, Coimbatore, Thirunelveli, Tiruchi and various centres across the state.

May 14, 2014