Eight Left Parties  of Punjab organized a state level convention at Deshbhagat Yaadgar Hall, Jalandhar on 23rd February, 2016  on the issue of divisive politics and communal attacks by rightwing organisations in the country. This convention was part of the observance of  “Defend People‚Äôs Constitutional Rights” call given by the six Left parties at the national level.


The convention resolved to  fight the challenge posed by the divisive politics of the RSS and its organizations and declared that the left forces will not allow them to divide society on religious, caste , community and regional lines.  The convention condemned the repeated attacks by these outfits on Muslims, Christians and Dalits since 2014 after take over  by Modi government at the centre and now the Left Parties have come on their radar. Through another resolution the convention decided to launch a joint struggle to fight out the divisive politics of  these forces to safeguard the unity of people and social fabric of the society. 

The speakers at the rally condemned the efforts to saffronise education  and take control of the educational institutes by hook or crook. They first did it in FTII Pune, IIT Madras , Central University Hyderabad and now Jawahar Lal  Nehru University. They also condemned the communal and fascist forces for compelling  Rohith Vemula  to commit suicide, registration of  sedition  case against JNUSU President , Kanhaiya Kumar and police cases against other students and the violent attacks on CPI(M) offices in Delhi  and Chandigarh.  The speakers declared to safeguard the constitutional rights of the people.

On the occasion thousands of  workers and leaders of the Left parties took out a protest march through the main bazaars of Jalandhar City  after the convention which was led by State Secretaries of the eight Left Parties  and other state leaders.