The Punjab State Headquarters of Communist Party Of India (Marxist) in Sector 30-B, Chandigarh was attacked by RSS and BJP goondas at about 05.30 p.m. on February 17. Five policemen who were present at site instead of acting against those who were indulging in this attack were asking the people inside the building to get behind doors. Most of the party leaders were out of the office for and engaged in meetings outside. The windowpanes of the office were smashed. By the time party workers from the city reached there, the hoodlums left. Comrade Raghunath Singh, State Secretariat Member, CPI(M) condemned the cowardly act of the RSS and BJP goons and demanded the immediate arrest of the culprits. Comrade Devi Dayal Sharma, Secretary, CPI, CPM Punjab, State Secretariat Member, Comrade Inderjit Singh and Mr. Rajiv Godara, leader of Swaraj Abhiyan visited the office and condemned the incident.