Press Statement
The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:
Purulia Arms Drop: Targetting Left Front Government
The latest revelations on the arms drop in Purulia in West Bengal in December 1995 are further confirmation of the fact that there was a well planned conspiracy to use violence to destabilize the Left Front at that time.
Whatever has been said by Kim Davy, a prime accused in the case and Peter Bleach who was sentenced in the case show that the arms drop for the Ananda Margis was planned through an international network and the target was the Left Front government. It was known at that time that the British intelligence had alerted the Indian government about the arms drop. Yet, the Central Government failed to inform the West Bengal Government about the matter in time. Even as early as 1990, according to the Home Minister’s statement in the Lok Sabha, there were reports of the Ananda Marg arranging for arms to be brought from abroad (see  statement below). Still the matter was not taken seriously.
It is imperative that the Central Government explain why it failed to act on the information given by the British intelligence? It should also explain how Kim Davy was allowed to escape from the Mumbai airport at that time. Further, the Government has shown no urgency in getting Kim Davy extradited from Denmark to stand trial. Was any Central Government agency complicit in the operation?
The Purulia arms drop was a serious assault on India’s sovereignty and a diabolical plot against an elected government and the Constitution.
The entire episode of the Purulia arms drop is a graphic example of how various anti-communist forces have been targeting the Left Front Government of West Bengal. Such moves are still on even today.







        I rise to apprise this August House about the activities of Anand Marg, a militant, pseudo-religious organization with political objectivities. The Anand Marg was founded in 1955 at Jamalpur (Bihar) by one Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar @ Anand Murti. In 1967-68, the Headquarters of the Marg were shifted from Jamalpur to Anand Nagar in Purulia district of West Bengal. Over the years, the activities of the organization, both within and outside the country, have expanded. The inclination of the Anand Marg to violence and to take recourse to high handed means against the local people in the development and expansion of Anand Nagar has come to the notice of the government.

        2. In March, 1989, the West Bengal Government officials, while undertaking the demolition of unauthorized construction raised by the Margis on forest land at Bansgarh in Purulia district, detected a secret hide-out of Anand Margis where unauthorized fire arms were also stored. Large quantities of arms were recovered and cases under the Arms Act were registered. Raids were conducted in the Anand Nagar Ashram premises which led to the recovery of incriminating material, including wireless sets and detonators.

        3. The government has also received reports regarding forcible land-grabbing by Anand Margis in and around Anand Nagar. Resentment among the local people in these areas has been steadily growing. On some occasions, clashes have also taken place. Tension has also been building up between Anand Marg and the CPM workers. Two CPM supporters were killed in January this year by miscreants suspected to be Anand Margis. The alleged killings of the five Anand Margis at Ghatak in Purulia district on April 2nd have further exacerbated the tension in the area.

        4. Available reports indicate that some senior functionaries of Anand Marg have been advising their followers abroad to channelise arms and ammunition for the organization through land routes from some neighbouring countries. There are also reports to the effect that Anand Marg functionaries have prepared a hit list for physical annihilation of some persons. The list includes some prominent political leaders of West Bengal. A Special Action Squad has also reportedly been formed and is currently being imparted training in the use of fire arms, bombs, etc.

        5. In a related development, a BSF patrol party intercepted two Indian nationals on the 14th April, 1990 near the Indo-Pakistan border in Amrtisar district. One of them admitted to be an Anand Margi while the other person was brought up at Anand nagar as an orphan. A number of automatic weapons, pistol magazines and ammunition were recovered from them. Their interrogation revealed that they were carrying the consignment of weapons etc., arranged by ‘Manav Mukti Manch’, an Anand Marg outfit. It was also revealed by the persons apprehended by the BSF that this outfit was in the process of training its members and of arming them. It was also learnt that this was the first consignment of arms and ammunition being brought from Pakistan by ‘Manav Mukti Manch’.

        6. I wish to assure this August House that the government is fully aware of the subversive and unlawful activities of the Anand Marg, and steps will continue to be taken to check their illegal activities and bring the culprits to book.