Press Statement

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:
Qana Massacre: Stop Arms Dealings With Israel

The Polit Bureau denounces the Israeli bombing in Qana village in southern Lebanon which has led to the massacre of 34 children out of the 54 people dead. This atrocity has shocked and horrified the entire world.

The Qana killings are the latest in the long list of atrocities which the Israelis had perpetrated on the Arab and Palestinian peoples. Israel has been with impunity bombing civilian areas all over Lebanon. The Bush administration has played the heinous role of preventing an early ceasefire which could have spared many Lebanese lives and destruction. The US, instead, is rushing supplies of lethal bombs and weaponry to Israel.

Due to the Israeli aggression, thousands of Indians have had to flee Lebanon losing their livelihood and belongings. The UPA government should realise that the close strategic ties with Israel forged by the previous BJP-led government is unconscionable and harmful for India’s vital interests. India has become the second largest customer in buying Israeli weapons. 1.5 billion dollars worth of arms are being purchased annually by India from Israel.

The government of India should follow up its condemnation of the Israeli aggression on Lebanon by immediately halting the buying of weapons. Further, the government should review the intelligence and security cooperation which is taking place with the lawless Israeli regime.
The Security Council of the United Nations should immediately call upon Israel to stop its military actions in Lebanon and the Gaza strip. A security force under the United Nation’s auspices must be placed on both sides of the border to ensure a ceasefire and prevent Israel from occupying any portion of Lebanon.