The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statements:

Quottrocchi Case

 The withdrawal of the interpol red corner notice against Ottavio Quottrocchi at the behest of the CBI is another step to bury the Bofors gun case by the Manmohan Singh government. Coming in the wake of the failure to successfully prosecute all those involved in the bribery case, it is evident that as long as there is a Congress-led government in office, the subversion of justice will continue.

 The Congress leadership has to answer to the people for this cover-up.

 Gujarat Investigations

 The decision of the Supreme Court directing the Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe complaints against the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and other Cabinet Ministers and top officials for their role in the State-sponsored pogroms of 2002 is a welcome step, though a belated one. It is now imperative that the SIT investigate the complaint and submit their conclusions within the three month time frame set by the court.

 It is shameful that the BJP continues to defend those responsible for the carnage in Gujarat.

 On Sri Lanka Situation

The decision of the Sri Lankan government to halt combat operations using heavy weapons and airplanes is welcome. This should open the way for the rescue of the tens of thousands of the Tamil civilian population who are still in the war zone. The LTTE has to stop holding the people by force and facilitate their safe passage.

The Sri Lankan government should allow the International Red Cross and other agencies to enter the affected areas.