Public anger mounts as Mamata govt. fails to arrest accused in Nun-rape case


The Nun belonging to Convent of Jesus and Mary High School in Ranaghat, in Nadia district, has only one thing to say from her hospital bed: that she is hurt from within, otherwise she has no pain. Coming from Kerala, the 71 year old was assigned the responsibility of Sister Superior at the school in Ranaghat. On Friday midnight after the brutal handling by miscreants, she is slowly recovering in the hospital. But she cannot overcome the agony that is filling her mind.

A huge rally was organized in protest of this incident on 15th of March 2015. Under the banner of Ranaghat Nazrul Mancha hundreds of people from all communities of life joined the rally, carrying placards which said “From Park Street to Ranaghat– Can You Hear the Loud Cries of Women”. Surjya Kanta Mishra CPI(M) State Secretary and Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, state secretariat member Mridul De, and Nadia District Secretary Sumit De participated.


When Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went to Ranaghat on 16th March, her convoy was blocked for almost an hour by angry crowds, demanding justice for the nun. After police intervention she drove off, without listening to the people.

Surjya Kanta Mishra also paid a visit to the hospital and met the Nun. He also discussed her condition with the medical superintendent of Ranaghat Sub-divisional Hospital.

From the hospital, Surjya Kanta Mishra went to the ground next to the Convent where the incident took place. Only 24 hours back, the police administration had held a meeting there with the agitating people. The police top brass had assured the people that the culprits will be arrested within 24 hours. When Mishra reached the spot, gathered people vented their grievances. They said that thousands of Christians reside in the locality. Male folk are usually away for work while the women stay with their children in the locality.

Surjya Kanta Mishra said what has happened is a great shame. It is sad that the condition of our state has become such. Even after getting photographs from the CCTV, not apprehending the culprits shows the incompetence of the police.


“The CID enquiry means plans are being made to hush up the incident. The Chief Minister is trying that,” Mishra said.


“People have come forward irrespective of caste and creed in protest against this heinous incident. We will do whatever is necessary throughout the state. The administration had asked for 24 hours’ time. If police cannot arrest the culprits within that time frame then the administration will be responsible for the consequences.” Mishra added.

Meanwhile, in Kolkata, Municipal Affairs Minister Firad Hakim has denied that the administration has been unsuccessful in maintaining law and order. He said that this incident has occurred due to communal instigations. Dismissing Hakim’s remarks as irrelevant, Surjya Kanta Mishra told media persons that there is no excuse for the Government not taking any steps to arrest the culprits.

The Superintendent of Police of Nadia District, Arnab Ghosh has claimed to media that eight persons have been detained in this connection and they are being questioned. Whether any one identified in the CCTV footage had been arrested or not, the police refused to clarify.


After her convoy was blocked by angry villagers, Mamata, as usual, blamed the opposition for the spontaneous agitation. She threatened the gathered people including children participating in the protest. Police officials appealed to people to let the convoy pass as it remained stuck in the crowd that blocked it on National Highway 34 at Ranaghat. Ultimately police officials requested the agitating mass to gather in a nearby ground so that Chief Minister can listen to them. When section of the crowd started to move towards the ground the convoy took off. The people understood that the Chief Minister was leaving the place instead of hearing their grievances. They tried to block the convoy once again, but police started a lathicharge to help the Chief Minister escape.

Dr Surjya Kanta Mishra said that instead of arresting the culprits the CM is making the situation more difficult through her sermons. But the voice of protest cannot be stifled. Ranaghat and the entire state will go on protesting such heinous and barbaric incident.


March 17, 2015