The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) has issued the following statement:

Rebuff US threat

The threat issued by the US Ambassador David Mulford that unless India votes against Iran in the IAEA, the nuclear cooperation deal will not be approved by the US Congress is a serious affront to India and its sovereignty. In an interview, the US Ambassador has warned that the fall-out of a vote against the US stand on Iran will be “devastating” and the nuclear cooperation proposal “will die” in the Congress.

These remarks confirm that the Indian government was pressurised in September 24th 2005 to vote against Iran in the IAEA. It also raises serious apprehensions regarding the nuclear cooperation deal being negotiated with the US.
Two things are immediately required if the Manmohan Singh government is to restore its credibility in this matter. Firstly, there should be a categorical statement that India will not countenance a reference to the UN Security Council on the Iran nuclear issue. Secondly, the UPA government should make public all the details of the proposals for nuclear cooperation and separation of civilian and military facilities which have been submitted to the United States.