Press Release
Following is the text of the letter written today by Brinda Karat, Member of the Polit Bureau and CPI(M) Rajya Sabha MP to the President seeking the recall of the Andhra Pradesh Governor, Shri N D Tiwari.

Honourable Madam President,

It is with a sense of regret that I have to draw your attention to the reports regarding the alleged misconduct of the Governor of Andhra Pradesh Shri N.D.Tewari which have shocked the nation. You may be aware of the graphic images flashed on an Andhra Pradesh TV channel of the Governor. While the methods used to get the said information may be questionable and even objectionable, the reports make it untenable for him to continue in such a high constitutional post.
In the absence of his resignation, I would request you to recall him. This is a demand which has been raised by many political parties as well as women’s organizations in Andhra Pradesh including the All India Democratic Women’s Association. I am sure that with your extreme sensitivity to gender issues, you will appreciate the sentiments and logic behind the request.