May 11, 2012
Press Statement
The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:
Reinvestigate Narendra Modi’s Role
The report of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) on the communal violence and killings in Gujarat in 2002 is flawed and seeks to cover-up the heinous role played by the Chief Minister Narendra Modi. 
The SIT report concludes that Narendra Modi saying that the Hindus should be allowed to vent their anger does not constitute an offence because it was said “within the four walls of a room”.  According to the SIT’s strange logic, a Chief Minister  instructing senior police officers not to intervene and act against the violence is not a culpable action nor dereliction of duty.  Further, the report shockingly provides a justification for the mob violence which led to the ghastly killing of Ehsan Jafri and others in the Gulberg society housing attack by giving credence to the report that Jafri provoked the mob by firing at them.  This again is stated by citing Narendra Modi’s statement that “action” had led to “reaction”.

The SIT investigation and report has been vitiated by the lack of application of mind and by the inability to comprehend the premeditated actions of the executive in Gujarat.  The SIT findings exonerating Narendra Modi have been questioned by the report submitted to the Supreme Court by the Amicus Curiae.  A fresh investigation into the role and actions of Narendra Modi should be conducted, so that the truth comes out and accountability is fixed.