The West Bengal State Committee of the CPI(M) had demand a total repoll in Chakdah and Panihati Municipalities elections to which were held on September 21. The elections to 12 municipalities were marred by massive rigging and violence at the hands of the ruling party’s administrative machinery and police. More than 8 lakh voters were to cast their votes. What happened eventually was a picture of farce of democracy with TMC vandals taking hold of the booths by forcefully throwing out the agents of the left parties, particularly in Burdwan, Chakdah and Panihati municipalities.


Voters other than that of the TMC were barred from casting their votes by force or by terror. As time passed, voting became an utter show of strength by TMC vandals. In Panihati, 24 Parganas, there was massive violence with even the State Election Commissioner Meera Pande heckled by TMC goons. While all this was happening, the police and administration remained mere spectators. When one of the local persons, Suman Das, came forward to lodge a complaint to the Election Commissioner, his house was ransacked by the TMC people and his 8-month old child was taken forcibly from his wife’s lap and thrown on the ground. In all, 80 persons have been injured in Panihati.

Due to this massive rigging and the elections being made a farce, CPI(M) withdrew all its agents and candidates and boycotted the elections in Burdwan. The Left Front will not even participate in the counting process. CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Nirupam Sen alleged that what happened on Saturday is a repetition of the happenings of 1970’s. 


September 22, 2013