Resolution on the 60th Anniversary of the Vietnamese Revolution

(Adopted by the Central Committee at its Meeting on September 2)

The Central Committee of the CPI (M) takes this opportunity of the 60th anniversary of the Vietnamese revolution to express its profound greetings to the Communist Party of Vietnam, the government and the people of Vietnam. It gives us immense pleasure to express our sense of appreciation, doubly so because earlier between April 19 and May 3, 2005 we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the liberation of South Vietnam: the Anti-Imperialist Triumph of the People of Vietnam.

The Central Committee recalls the great sacrifice made by the party and the people of Vietnam during the three decades of the revolution which witnessed the death of three million Vietnamese men, women and children. A new peaceful democratic and socialist Vietnam sprung up from the ruins of a war-ravaged country wreaked by the French and US imperialism.

The Central Committee expresses its solidarity with the party, government and people of Vietnam on the on-going process of great strides that it continues to take in reaching great heights of economic development and improving the quality of life. The saga of Vietnam has been one of the finest chapters of struggle, sacrifice and progress in human history where perhaps only the Vietnamese led by the legend of the times, Comrade Ho Chi Minh could have showed the maturity, forgiveness and sincerity to say in the wake of the triumph in 1975 – ‘Close the past and open the future’.

The Central Committee of the CPI(M) on behalf of the entire ranks of the CPI(M) and the Indian people record of appreciation for the achievements of the last 30 years the socialist reconstruction and the great economic development that has been achieved by opening up to the whole world. We also put on record our sense of gratitude to Vietnamese Party and the people for the lessons of creative implementation of Marxism and Leninism for the defense and development of socialism that we have derived. The lesson as embodied in the last will of Comrade Ho Chi Minh “Unity is an extremely precious tradition of our Party and people. All comrades from the central committee down to the cell, must cherish the unity of thought and action of the Party as the apple of their eyes” is a lesson also so relevant for us and which continues to enlighten our path in our struggle which we carry on for the Indian people.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) wishes the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Government and the people of Vietnam a resounding success in their endeavour to secure the future for a better tomorrow.