Jitendra Chaudhury on road connectivity:

Madam, I would like to raise a very important issue. As you know, Tripura is a State landlocked from three sides. National Highway 44 is the only road which connects it with the rest of the country. So, it is the lifeline of Tripura. Everything from outside comes to Tripura through NH 44. During the last almost four to five years, the Border Road Organisation has not undertaken any maintenance work. Now, there is almost no road on a stretch of about 200 kilometres. The monsoon is approaching and we do not know what will happen next and how the food grains and other things will reach Tripura. So, I would request that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways should look after this road.


Secondly, there is another road from Kukital to Subroom which was sanctioned by the UPA Government, but this sanction is only for the middle portion of the road and did not cover the beginning and the end of the road. So, I would request the Government to accord sanction for the residual part of the road also.


Thirdly, there is NH 44A which connects Tripura to Mizoram where also the construction and maintenance work has been held up for years. There is no presence of the BRO and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. So, I would request that this Ministry should see that Tripura is connected with the rest of the country by undertaking the work of construction and maintenance of these roads. Thank you.