Will Mr Amit Shah Answer? Lies of the RSS/BJP’s Delhi exhibition on “communist violence”


Expose: The BJP has used photographs of persons killed inside bomb-making units of RSS in Kannur to accuse the CPI(M) in Kerala of violence

The RSS and BJP have sponsored an exhibition in New Delhi on the 4th and 5th of August 2015 on “communist violence” in Kerala. The purported aim is to argue, as Mr Amit Shah did at the inauguration, that CPI(M) in Kerala is unable to tolerate dissent and practices the killing of its political opponents. It has presented many photographs in the exhibition, mostly of deceased BJP activists.

We are in the process of verifying each and every photograph in the exhibition, as we are aware that all the accusations of the RSS and BJP are untrue. However, three gross lies have immediately come to our notice. There is a panel of photographs that the exhibition has, and the argument is that every one of them was killed by the CPI(M); the photo panel is attached here (Attachment-1). It is titled “Some of the Martyrs of Kerala”!


Look at the six faces (four in the top row plus two in the bottom row) that we have circled. Who are they? All six of them died when the bombs that they were either making or carrying exploded. In other words, these six persons were actually victims of the violent methods adopted by the BJP and RSS in Kannur, and not the CPI(M). It is ironic that the BJP/RSS exhibition on CPI(M) ends up exposing the fascistic nature of activities that they carry out in Kerala.

Let us go each of the six photos circled.

1) Two of them in the top row are Thekkeyil Ashwini Kumar (28), the Thalassery taluk karyavahak of RSS and K. P. Surendran (32), the Panoor regional pracharak of RSS. They did not die in any attack on them. They died inside a secret bomb-making unit of the RSS, when the bombs they were making exploded by mistake. This bomb-making unit was located right behind the residence of the then Kannur district president of the BJP located in Poyiloor in Thalassery. We are also attaching two newspaper reports – one from ‘Malayala Manorama’ (see Attachment-2) and another from ‘Deshabhimani’ (see Attachment-3) – which reported on this explosion. In the ‘Malayala Manorama’ report, the district police chief Mr Manoj Abraham is reported as saying that they indeed died while making bombs. Their photos are also printed in the news item. In the same explosion, four other RSS/BJP activists were also injured; they were O. Babu (26), V. M. Manoj (20), V. Pramod (20) and C. Mahesh (26).



2) The third person in the circled set of photos in the top row is Puthanpurayil Rajesh from Konkachi in Patyam, Kannur. He was a member of an RSS goon squad that was on its way to throw bombs at CPI(M) workers in Vallyayi in Kannur. On their way, the bombs that the squad were carrying exploded by mistake and Rajesh died.

3) The fourth person in the circled set of photos in the top row is Thaikkandi Prasanth. He also was killed while making bombs in a vacant house located in Konkachi in the Patyam panchayat of Kannur district. The bomb exploded by mistake. While Prasanth died, four other RSS activists were injured.

4) The fifth and sixth persons, whose photos are circled in the bottom-most row, are C. K. Pradeepan (38) from Cheruvanchery in Koothuparamba, Kannur and K. P. Dileesh (35; another RSS worker). Pradeepan and Dileesh were making bombs for the BJP in a secret bomb-making unit on the 10th November 2008, when the bomb accidentally exploded. Both died on the spot. A Malayalam newspaper report the next day confirms this; it had their photographs as well as the photograph of the site of explosion. See Attachment-4.


We will put out more details of lies from the BJP and the RSS in the coming days. But what is clear is that the BJP and the RSS stand totally exposed in their effort to show that the CPI(M) is practicing violence against its opponents. It is the fascistic nature of the BJP and RSS that has been revealed by this exhibition. The CPI(M) is a peace-loving party and never attacks its opponents physically. We believe in political argumentation, not physical extermination. The latter is the policy of the BJP and the RSS. The CPI(M) is a victim of this violent politics of the duo in Kerala right from the 1970s. About 200 of our comrades have been killed by the BJP and RSS between 1968 and 2015.

Will Mr Amit Shah, who inaugurated this exhibition, answer?