The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

The CPI(M) demands the sacking of the Minister of State for Home Affairs, Ajay Mishra Teni  for his direct responsibility in the barbaric atrocity of mowing down peacefully protesting farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri on October 3. It was he, a Minister in a most sensitive Ministry mandated to protect law and order, who violated all norms by  making a most provocative speech on September 25 threatening and inciting violence against farmers who protesting against the farm laws.

Even after the killings, in which his son was involved, he has justified the atrocity, blaming the farmers. There is clear video evidence of the convoy, with sirens blaring, driving into the farmers and killing them. The Minister has gone so far as to accuse those injured and killed as being “outsiders” and claimed the involvement of “Khalistani” elements to defend himself and his relatives.

No enquiry can be impartial with him as the Minster of State for Home.

The lockdown of democracy by the Adityanath Government and arrest of opposition leaders on their way to meet the bereaved families is highly condemnable. The CPI(M) demands their release and free movement to meet the families and those injured.