Press Statement

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:
Salwa Judum : BJP Designs Exposed

The unfounded criticism made by the spokesperson of the BJP regarding Left Parties demand in the meeting of the UPA-Left Coordination Committee to withdraw Salwa Judum operation in Chattisgarh has only exposed the real intention of the BJP government in Chattisgarh.

The Salwa Judum operation is a police action and not a people’s movement as claimed by the BJP. It is resulting in ordinary tribals becoming victims of depredations of police as well as naxalites. The conditions in the camps set-up by the Chattisgarh government is so bad that tribals cannot live there.

The Chattisgarh government is refusing to implement the land reform legislations and distribute the surplus land to the tribals. It is also not taking any step to restore the rights of the tribals to the forest produce. The tribals working in tendu leaf industry are paid extremely low wages and contractors are mercilessly exploiting them. Unless this loot of the tribals is not stopped, no effective measures can be taken to contain the naxalite activities.

In contrast, the West Bengal experience under Left Front rule is noteworthy. The West Bengal government, by introducing pro-people and pro-tribal measures, has been able to contain the activities of the extremists. This was clearly witnessed during Assembly elections in West Bengal where extremists failed to enforce their call to boycott the elections.

The CPI(M) believes that only by introducing and implementing pro-people policies, the activities of extremists can be contained.

The CPI(M) deeply regrets that the Congress party in Chattisgarh, by supporting the Salwa Judum, is only strengthening the machinations of the BJP government.

The CPI(M) reiterates its demand to withdraw the Salwa Judum operation and undertake social measures and pro-people policies to help the tribals which alone can tackle the naxalite activities in Chattisgarh.