The Jammu & Kashmir State Committee of the CPI(M) organized a convention at Khanbal in Anantnag district of Kashmir as part of the “Save Democracy in West Bengal Campaign” call given by the Party. Hundreds of people attended the convention. CPI(M) State Secretary, Mohd. Yusuf Tarigami speaking on the occasion condemned the violence in Bengal and expressed solidarity with the people who are braving the terror and resisting the onslaught on democracy.
He also noted that the PDS system has been non functional in Anantnag where no raton cards have been issued since 2001. No developmental work is taking place. He said that whenever the issue of development is raised the excuse of lack of resources is cited. He said that “It is ironic that resources which need to be utilized for the welfare of the poor and the hungry are being used to keep vigil on glaciers. The two countries should end the path of confrontation and go for reconciliation to resolve all outstanding issues.” He said with the new government in Pakistan people across the border are looking for a fresh and refreshing approach in foreign relations of the two countries.  “In order to restore the lost mutual confidence, the two countries need at least, to resolve less contentious issues to pave way for resolution of other outstanding matters”, he added.
Anantnag: August 3, 2012