The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

A serious situation has developed in Jammu & Kashmir as a consequence of the recent steps taken by the Central government.  The deployment of an additional contingent of  paramilitary forces – amounting to 35,000 troops – has raised questions about their intended purpose.

The unprecedented cancellation of the Amarnath yatra mid-way and the instructions to tourists to leave the valley  forthwith have heightened tensions and anxieties among the people.

Although Parliament is in session, the Central government has given no statement whatsoever for these measures. Nor have the political parties in the state been taken into confidence.

All this has fuelled apprehensions among the people that some drastic measures affecting the Constitutional status of Jammu & Kashmir are being contemplated with reference to Article 35A and Article 370.

The Polit Bureau calls upon the government to provide a full explanation for the steps being taken in J&K and desist from any political adventurism which will have grave consequences for the country.  The government should implement its promise to initiate a dialogue with all concerned political forces in the state.