Press Statement

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:
A Splendid Victory

The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) warmly congratulates the people of West Bengal and Kerala for the splendid victories of the Left Front and the Left and Democratic Front in the assembly elections. In West Bengal, the Left Front has been returned to office for the seventh time in succession, a record unmatched in the country. This time, the Left Front has won a three-fourth majority with the CPI(M) alone winning a majority of seats.

This election is notable for the singular success of the CPI(M) led Left Front in retaining the support of the working people of West Bengal and winning over new sections of the people. This is due to the devoted work of the Party amongst the people and the pro-people record of the Left Front government. The Polit Bureau greets the thousands of CPI(M) and Left Front cadres and activists for their excellent work.

This election has once and for all, exploded the pernicious propaganda that the CPI(M) and the Left Front win elections by “scientific rigging”, given the fact that the extraordinary measures taken by the Election Commission were hailed by the opposition.

The people of Kerala have voted decisively to bring the LDF into the government and rejected the Congress-led UDF. The LDF has won a two-third majority getting 98 out of 140 seats. This is an endorsement of the Left and democratic platform and an indictment of the five years of the UDF misrule. It is gratifying that the people have approved the Party’s decision not to dilute the LDF’s identity by associating with non-LDF forces.

Both in West Bengal and Kerala, the Left-led governments to be formed, have the major responsibility to translate their manifestos and commitments into practice. The Party is confident that, after the formation of the two governments, this task will be taken up expeditiously. The election results have strengthened the role of the Left in national politics.

The Polit Bureau welcomes the verdict of the people of Tamilnadu who have made the DMK-led Democratic Progressive Alliance victorious. The CPI(M), which had an electoral understanding with the DMK-led alliance, has won nine seats.

In Assam, the Congress, which was in government, has failed to win a majority. It has emerged as the single largest party. The CPI(M) has won two seats.

This round of assembly elections has raised questions about the role of the Election Commission. The CPI(M) wants a debate on reforms in the functioning of the Commission without, in anyway, detracting from the independence and integrity of the Commission.
The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) will meet on May 13, 2006 to take stock of the election results.