Press Release





After the TMC assumed office of the state Government they had announced the intent of conducting inquiry against our number of Ministers of the Left Front Government. This included the Left Front Government’s Health Department as well. Till now no information, what so ever has been put on the public domain.

Subsequently with comrade Suryakanta Mishra effectively discharging the role of the leader of the opposition in the State Legislative Assembly an enquiry was initiated against a voluntary organization in which Smt. Usha Mishra his wife, plays an important role.

On 21st January a five member strong team of anti corruption wing of the State Government visited the office of this organization, allegedly to inquiry its activities .However ,the team members did not provide any specifies about the inquiry even though there was no disclosure about the nature of the inquiry they took photo copies of a few vouchers. Subsequently no report about this inquiry was made public and no case was registered .

Today (11th March2015) in the morning ,a group of police raided the Basic Training College managed by that voluntary organization . They made a forceful entry without any permission and broke the lock of the record room . They also broke open the almirah and took away files belonging to that organization. Neither did the police inform Smt. Mishra , the Principal or any responsible official of the organization while carrying out this raid. The police also did not produce any search warrant. The police have drawn up a list of papers they have seized and are trying to compel the employees of the college to sign the list.

Incidentally, it is pertinent to mention in the part of the State Government in its attempt to defame Comrade Mishra , had implicated his daughter Smt. Roshanara Mishra , who teaches in Calcutta University and filed an FIR against her. Despite strong protest from the students and the University Vice Chancellor’s written intervention the police has refused to withdraw the FIR.

Further at the insistence of the State Government an FIR with non bailable provisions was filed against Comrade Mishra’s brother Dr. Tapan Mishra, retired principal of Vidyasagar College. But the college governing body was forced to tender apology in the court having lost out the legal battle and also forced to pay his post retirement dues which earlier remained withheld.

We firmly believe this entire sequence of events is a conspiracy intended to defame and denigrate Comrade Suryakanta Mishra among the people.

It will not be out of point to state that this is an act of vengeance on which the state government has embarked the light of CBI asking for income expenditure report of the TMC.

We are strongly condemning this obnoxious act of the State Government and appealing the democratic minded people in the state and elsewhere to be part of the protest against this.