Left parties — the CPI(M), CPI, AIFB & RSP — have issued the following statement:
The United States President Barrack Obama has announced that he will conduct military strikes against Syria after the US Congress approves the action. This latest intent of US aggression against a sovereign country is on the pretext that the Syrian government used a chemical weapon against the rebel forces. This charge has neither been substantiated nor is it clear who used the nerve gas. This is reminiscent of the charge of “weapons of mass destruction” used to invade Iraq in 2003.
The United States and its allies have been arming and financing the rebels to topple the Syrian government. The decision to militarily attack Syria is a flagrant imperialist act of aggression. The Left parties demand that the United States call off its proposed military aggression. They call upon all anti-imperialist and democratic forces to conduct protest demonstrations and rallies to demand a halt to this aggression.