CPI (M) Kerala state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has appealed to all democratic, secular and anti-fascistic forces in the state to come forward to strengthen the LDF in the backdrop of the coming together of several non-Congress, non-BJP parties at the national level.  In a statement issued today he said that the BJP and Congress are both sides of the same coin on the issues of economic policy and corruption. The BJP espouses extreme Hindu fascist policy and program, he said.
During the last five years neo-liberal policies have made the life of the common people miserable. Pinarayi alleged that big corporates and imperialist forces are for the uninterrupted continuation of these policies and hence are trying to prevent a front, in which the Left will have a say, from coming to power.
Vijayan said that the Forward Bloc had a discussion with Left Democratic Front and put forward certain suggestions. He welcomed the decision of the Forward Bloc to not field candidates and to work sincerely for the success of the LDF. He termed the JSS led by K R Gauri Amma’s decision to quit the UDF and work for the victory of LDF candidates as a major setback for the Congress-led UDF.
The statement further noted that the Indian National League has been cooperating with the LDF for a long time and that it had been a part of the LDF’s struggles to expose the anti-people policies of the Congress and the communal politics of the BJP. The INL had demanded its inclusion in the LDF. The LDF had discussed about its relation with the INL, Forward Bloc and the JSS and decided to cooperate with these parties and to take a decision on this later, he said.  As the victory of LDF will help to keep the Congress and the BJP away from the power, Pinarayi appealed to the INL not to field candidates. 
Thiruvananthapuram; March 14, 2014