ideological resolution

Resolution on Ideological Issues

The CPI(M) reiterates its resolve to “carry forward its revolutionary tasks and mobilise all the exploited sections of the Indian people in order to change the current correlation of class forces amongst our people and mount the revolutionary offensive for the establishment of people’s democracy and, on its foundations, socialism – the only basis for human liberation and emancipation”

CC Communique

The Central Committee discussed a draft of the ideological resolution presented by the Polit Bureau. On the basis of this discussion, the next meeting of the Central Committee will finalise and adopt the draft ideological resolution which will then be circulated in the Party for discussions before placing it in the Party Congress.

PB Communique

The Polit Bureau renewed its call to the Party units to conduct a week-long campaign from November 1-7 on the following five demands: (i) Curb price rise and ensure universal right to food (ii) Take firm action on all corruption cases and adopt an effective Lokpal Act (iii) Ensure supply of fertilizer at subsidised prices to farmers and stop black marketing of urea (iv) Steps to curb unemployment and fill up all vacancies in government posts (v) Stop FDI in the retail sector; protect the interests of small shopkeepers and traders.

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in New Delhi on October 17-18, 2011. It has issued the following statement:

Anti-Corporate Movement

The `Occupy Wall Street’ movement in the United States and the various protest actions in Europe and other parts of the world are a manifestation of the growing anger of the people at the predatory role of big banks and finance capital. The people have seen how the corporates and banks have been bailed out while the ordinary people are made to bear the burdens of the crisis.