West Bengal

Protest Maoist Killings

This is the fist time such a big number of killings of political activists has taken place in West Bengal. This is part of the ongoing sequence of murders in cold blood and shows the depths to which Maoists depredations can stoop. The killings add upto 221 of Left activists and leaders since the last Lok Sabha elections in the three districts of Jangal Mahal as a result of the close complicity between the Maoists and the Trinamul Congress.

Central Committee Communique

The 2G spectrum scam is a prime example of the big business-politician-bureaucrat nexus which has now become the hallmark of the neo-liberal regime. As early as February 2008, the CPI(M) had brought to the attention of the country the blatantly illegal manner in which allocation of 2G spectrum and licences were made causing a huge loss to the exchequer. The role of the Union Minister A. Raja was also clear.

Polit Bureau Communique

The demolition of the Babri Masjid in December 1992 was a criminal offence and an assault on the secular principle. It is true that this was not a matter being considered by the Special Bench. However, there are apprehensions that the reasoning set out in the judgements may be taken as a post-facto justification for the demolition. The cases pertaining to the demolition which are being heard by other courts have to be seriously pursued.

Forthcoming Elections: W. Bengal & Kerala

The assembly elections in May 2011 in West Bengal and Kerala will be a major battle between the forces representing the interests of the working people, social justice, secularism and our country’s sovereignty and the forces which are representing the interest of the big capitalists, landlords, the rich and the vested interests that seek a strategic alliance with imperialism and who use communalism, ultra-Left anarchy and divisive politics to achieve their objectives.

Left Front's Memorandum to CEC

Because of the delay and large-scale mistakes in printing photo identity cards, some interested quarters are flouting the Election Commission's rules illegally by attaching affidavit in Form 6 for the inclusion of fictitious names in voter's lists. The CPI(M) delegation had also submitted some copies of affidavits. The Chief Electoral Officer assured the delegation that BLO cannot accept those affidavits and will be prevented from enlisting fictitious names in the voters' lists. The delegation also informed him that some BLOs are accepting forms in large-scale violation of rules of Election Commission.

Maoist Killings Condemned

The Maoists killed four CPI(M) supporters Nazrul Mir, Sanatan Ahir, Swapan Ahir and Ashok Ahir in Chandavilla village in Binpur-2 Block of West Midnapore by taking them out of their homes in the middle of the night. Their bodies were found near the Highway, bearing marks of torture. All the killed were agricultural labourers.

Maoist Attack on Police Camp

The Maoists have been on a rampage in the West Midnapur district for over a year. The joint operations by the state police and the central paramilitary forces were launched to curb the Maoist violence. It is surprising that such an attack could be launched in daytime on a police camp with such large casualties and arms and ammunition being taken away.