The record of any Government in office must be measured by the fulfillment of the promises that it had made to the electorate to garner votes. In that sense these have been three failed years. What is worse is that the Modi Government’s approach and policies towards important issues have jeopardized India’s unity and integrity.

Take the Modi Government’s Kashmir policy for example. Its actions over the last three years and specifically over the last year have been disastrous. It has succeeded in strengthening Pakistan’s goals of keeping unrest alive in the valley. It seeks to resolve what are essentially political issues with repression. Despite its bravado and tall claims, it has utterly failed to prevent infiltration of terrorists across the border in spite of great cost to defence personnel posted at the border.Worse, by its approach of refusing to intervene politically it has alienated vast sections of the Kashmiri population. The aggressive and jingoistic statements by various leaders of the ruling establishment instead of initiating a political dialogue with all shades of opinion in Kashmir, as promised by the Home Minister, has damaged national interests. This is the reason why several highly respected retired defence officers. Read more in the booklet….