<p>CPI(M) Telangana 2nd State Conference began in Hyderabad on 5th February. Comrade Sitaram Yechury addressed the inaugural session and called the union budget a bunch of empty promises. He said that under this budget, the common people were forced to bear the brunt of the taxes, while the rich went scot free. Speaking at the second state party conference of Telangana, he accused the Modi government of not fulfilling a single promise he made during the elections. While Modi claims not to have money to waive the loans of the farmers, under him RS. 2 lakh crore of loans of the rich were waived. He called the Modi government a government for the corporates not the common people. BJP is resorting to it’s politics of communal polarisation, to divert rising peoples opposition to its policies.</p>
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<p>The conference concluded on 7th February. Com. Tammineni Veerabhadram is unanimously elected as the state secretary for a second term. The delegates unanimously elected the new state committee of 60 members and a state secretariat of 13 members.</p>
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<p>The conference also elected 27 delegates and 3 observers, for participating in the coming CPI(M) national congress to be held in Hyderabad.</p>