Press Statement

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), now in session in New Delhi, has issued the following statement:

Srinagar Attack Denounced

The brutal attack on the Jammu & Kashmir assembly complex is a grim reminder that terrorist violence continues unabated in Jammu & Kashmir. 30 people have been killed, including security personnel and civilians in the suicide bomb attack. Many have been seriously injured. The fundamentalist Jaish-e-Mohammad which operates from Pakistan has claimed responsibility. President Musharaff has made it amply clear that he considers such terrorist violence to be a "freedom struggle". The Polit Bureau strongly condemns this atrocity and conveys its deep-felt sympathy to the families of all the victims.

Despite assurances by the Centre that all steps have been taken to meet the challenge of the extremists, such an audacious attack against the Legislature itself has taken place. It is essential to heighten vigilance and step up security measures against such attacks. The Central government should be under no illusion that the proposed military action by the US in Afghanistan and its declared war against global terrorism, will be of any direct help in curbing terrorist violence in Jammu & Kashmir. Alongwith the security measures to curb such activities, there has to be political steps to address the problem in the state which can help rally the people against the extremist forces.