A Jan Aakrosh March is being organised in Patna today against various anti-people policies of the both Central and State Government. The mobilisation for the same was carried out through 4 Jathas which covered all corners of the state. Comrades Sitaram Yechury, Hannan Mollah and Subhashini Ali addressed the gathering.

The march was organised on the following demands:

1) Ensure permanent structures to prevent floods and provide relief, compensation to the families who have lost life and livelihood in the floods and drought.
2) Implementation of Swaminathan Commission Recommendations.
3) End the making of Aadhar mandatory for schemes related to agriculture and food security.
4) Ensure timely payment of wages in MGNREGA and ensure the maximum number of days for work.
5) Increase Social Security Pension to 3000 per month.
6) Put an end to the divisive communal politics and take strict actions against the people doing it.