DR. T.N. SEEMA (on women’s problems): Sir, it is unfortunate that only whenever something happens, some tragic incident happens, we discuss these things and the Government expresses its concern, but after that, we forget it very conveniently. This can’t go on like this. The woman in this country is frustrated. The system is not working. We are talking about the mindset. The system is not working for the last three years. Nirbhaya Fund is lying unused. Not a single rupee has been spent from Nirbhaya Fund, and this year also, they have allocated Rs.1,000 crore for this Fund.


I want to say one thing more. I agree with all the hon. Members who have mentioned about this. This mindset is not only about the convicted or sentenced people or ordinary people; MPs and Ministers also come with derogatory statements on women. But, it is not banned. The respective parties should give punishment and take action against such people. (Ends)