Tragic Death of PrafulBidwai: Fearless writer and journalist representing Left perspectives passes away

We mourn the tragic death of PrafulBidwai, 65 in Amsterdam where he was attending a conference. Praful, a friend of all Left wing causes and one of the most trenchant critics of the Hindutva agenda as also of neo liberal policies authored several books and wrote a syndicated column carried by several newspapers. His articles which brought a left wing analysis to critical subjects from foreign policy to political economy and social issues, were most well researched providing valuable information and analysis to those in struggle. During the fight against the Indo-US nuclear deal Praful was one of the leading intellectuals who strongly supported the position taken by the Left parties against the deal. He was one of the founder members along with AchinVanaik of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace.
We join his numerous friends and admirers in expressing our sorrow at his untimely and tragic death.