To shield and cover up for  the crimes perpetuated by his party cadres and an overall failure of his administration to maintain law and order Tripura CM Biplab Deb resorted to blatant lies and falsehood. The photographs and videos already viral in the social media have made it clear to the world that BJP workers from a party rally holding the party flag, chanting slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jay’ attacked  the offices of Pratibadi Kalam, Daily Desher Katha and the West Tripura District committee and Tripura state committee office. The entire state is burning in the fire of violence of the ruling party. But after a silence for 48 hours the CM took to Twitter. to shift blame of all the violence to the CPI(M).

On Friday Biplab Deb tweeted, “For past 3 years, Tripura has seen all round peace & prosperity with radical improvements in law & order situation. Political opposition led by CPM have (sic) been rattled by this. In their desperation to regain lost political ground, they attempted to plunge Tripura into lawlessness”.

He went on to add, “I wish to remind the CPM that in our new Tripura such violent political behaviour will not be tolerated by its people. It will be my utmost endeavour to identify and punish each miscreant as per law. Peace is and will be a non-negotiable tenet of BJP-led government.”

But what is the reality? From the very afternoon of 3rd of March, 2018 its the BJP which has plunged state in the darkness of Fascist like terror.

From the afternoon of 8th September till now, at least 40 party offices of the CPI(M) including its state committee office, West Tripura district office, not less than 6 subdivision committee offices, 21 local committee offices  were attacked and vandalised  and set ablaze. The houses of at least 100  party activists and leaders were set on fire in the state and at least 50 activists were injured. Is this the nature of peaceful situation  the Chief minister id referring to? Why is he blaming the CPI(M) while the photographs and videos viral in the social media  are proof enough of his own partymen carrying out the violent attacks?

Can the Chief minister as the minister in charge of the Home Department evade the responsibility of this sheer lawlessness and anarchy? Would it be improper to ask, under whose orders and instructions, the police was totally inactive from the afternoon of 6th March till the midnight? Under whose orders the paramilitary forces were withdrawn just minutes before attacks were carried out on the CPI(M) state committee office?  Who had prevented the police personnel at the PS merely at a distance of 200 metres to even pickup several phone calls while the attacks were on full scale? Who had stopped the Fire Service engines to rush in to the place of attack while the cars were set ablaze? Does the Chief minister have a fair answer to any of these questions or is he trying to prove that the violent mob which was carrying out all these violence  waving flags of BJP too were CPI(M) workers? Those who have nothing to offer but  tyranny and  fascist like terror take refuge behind the shields of falsehood and lies to hide their failures and fears. Biplab Deb, his party and its ideological fountainhead RSS are no exception.