CPI(M)’s 21st Tripura state conference concluded today with three main slogans 1) Go to the masses, listen to them, behave well with them 2) Conduct continuous struggles to protect the rights of the people 3) Activate the party members to increase the strength and efficiency of the party. The state conference elected a new state committee consisting of 80 members, of whom 7 are new members. The first meeting of the state committee re-elected Bijan Dhar as the state secretary for the 3rd consecutive term and a 13 member state secretariat. The chairman of the state control commission was made ex officio member of the state committee. 3 veteran comrades who were members of the outgoing state committee Subodh Das, Fayzur Rahman and Banabihari Saha were made special invitee members of the PC. 4 others were inducted as permanent invitees.


In the last session of the conference CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat replied to some questions raised by the delegates during their discussion. He said the review report of the PTL has opined that the regional parties are not interested in launching joint struggles with us against the neo liberal policies since they are pursuing the same policies in the respective states whenever they form government in those states.

He also warned against the increased and organised activities of RSS in different spheres through its various organisations and said the party too has to intervene in the fields of education and culture. He said the success and the new organisational tactics of the AAP involving the social media too needs a study.


Karat cautioned against dependence of the party and mass movement on the government when a Left Front Govt. is in office and said our outlook should be Go to the masses, Serve the masses and Sacrifice for the masses and we must guard against arrogance.


Addressing the delegates on 27th evening, CPI(M) PB member Manik Sarkar called for building a model and militant party organisation in the state which will encourage the other state units. For that we shall have to increase the quality of the party members. He asked the party members to be humble and approach the masses with humility, work in close cohesion with them and win over more and more new people to our fold. He said the BJP govt is trying to thwart every developmental program of the LF govt. Cutting down the allocation in MNREGA is a perfect example of it. In spite of that we have topped in generating person days till now and have decided that we will continue to do  so by spending from the state exchequer even if the centre does not release the money. He asked the whole party to jump into the ensuing electoral struggle of TTAADC to ensure victory of the Left Front in all the 28 seats.


Replying to the  57 delegates who took part in discussion, Bijan Dhar said, to expand the party organisation further the party workers need to forge closer links with the masses. In the struggles on local demands at the grass root level, the people have to be attracted. By building an exemplary and model party organisation in Tripura  we shall be able to play a role in developing  the  Left and Democratic Front in the country.