The results for the by-elections to two Assembly constituencies in Tripura – Boxanagar and Dhanpur –  as declared by the Chief Electoral Officer, Tripura vindicate the apprehensions raised by thee Left Front and justifies the demand for countermanding them and holding fresh polls under strict supervision.

In Boxanagar constituency, the BJP won securing 89 per cent of  votes polled and 71 per cent in Dhanpur constituency. This is unprecedented in the state’s history of elections.      After  having lost the Boxanagar seat to the CPI(M)  in the February elections, it is impossible for the BJP to secure 89 per cent votes except through large-scale rigging.

These elections have been reduced to a mockery with large scale rigging by the BJP in connivance with the administration and police.

The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) reiterates its demand that these elections be countermanded and fresh polls be conducted under strict supervision.