The  Left Front in Tripura is on the way to a massive victory once again in the 3 tier panchayat election in the state. The polling was held on 15th July and the poll percentage was almost 90%.  
Elections were to be held in 116 seats of 8 Zila Parishads, 419 seats of 35 Panchayat Samitis (Block level) and 6111 seats of 591 Gram Panchayats. But CPI(M) candidates of Left Front won unopposed in 2 seats of ZP, 38 seats of PS and 980 seats of GP. Again in two seats of GP polling had to be postponed due to demise of candidates. Hence polling took place in 114 seats of ZP, 381 seats of PS and 5129 seats of GPs. At the same time bye polls were held for 4 vacant seats of 3 urban bodies.
As results start coming in, it is becoming clear that the Left Front was clearly on the way to a massive win. As per the last report CPI(M) led Left Front  won in more than 260 GPs, snatching away at least 20 Gram Panchayats from INC. INC has won in 9 GPs. BJP has won in 2 GPs and TMC in 3 GPs. Out of about 30 seats of Panchayat Samiti declared so far, INC won in two, one has gone to BJP,  rest has gone to   Left Front. LF candidates have won in all the 4 seats of urban bodies that went for bye poll. In all the ZP seats declared so far, CPI(M) has won. Jubilant supporters of LF started victory rallies as results showed a larger victory for LF.