Anti people Budget will lead to a new wave of protest against Modi Govt: Bijan Dhar

Protest meetings were held across West Tripura at the call of CPI(M) against the anti people budget of the Modi Government. In Agartala a slogan shouting protest rally marched from Rabindra Bhavan to Paradise Chowmohoni. Here a protest meeting was addressed by CPI(M) Tripura state committee secretary Bijan Dhar and state committee member Ratan Das.

Bijan Dhar said, the Union budget has exposed the sheer anti people class character of the Modi Govt. It has increased indirect taxes to burden the common man while reduced direct tax, corporate tax and gone all the way to do away with the wealth tax totally. This budget is nothing but sops to the rich at the cost of the poor. On the other hand allocations in MNREGA, SSA, health, ICDS have been slashed to increase the miseries of the people. While the international crude prices were low, the govt denied the masses of its benefit by increasing excise duties and now they are imposing further burdens on the people by hiking prices of petroleum products. Bijan Dhar said, this is Hindutwa the right wing offensive of the govt otherwise where in the Geeta it is said to exploit the poor?  He said, the decisions to ban strikes in Gujrat and other anti people ordinances show a clear sign of authoritarianism looming large. This must be resisted unitedly. This anti people budget shall lead to new waves of protest and struggles across the country against the Modi Govt, he said.
March 2, 2015