The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) condemns the continuing attacks against the CPI(M) and its elected representatives in Tripura.

On November 16, a meeting addressed by Manik Sarkar, leader of the opposition, at the Bishalgarh CPI(M) office was encircled by BJP men, who tried to  disrupt the meeting. Earlier BJP miscreants had sought to prevent people coming to attend the meeting.  On their return also, many participants were attacked. 35 were injured. Narayan Chowdhury, MLA’s car was also attacked. 

There have been a series of attacks on members of the zilla parishad. BJP goondas had attacked the house of  South Tripura zilla parishad president, Himangshu Roy.  Subsequently, on November 15, while proceeding to the zilla parishad meeting in Belonia town, BJP goons attacked the cars of Roy and other zilla parishad members. In the attack, some policemen were also injured.

Such attacks on opposition political parties and local body office-bearers have become a common feature in Tripura.  The BJP state government is responsible for this deplorable state of affairs.

The Polit Bureau demands that the state government take immediate steps to prevent such violent activities and ensure the conduct of normal political activities.