Comrade Brinda Karat Campaigning in Bishalgarh in the constituency of the Finance Minister Com Bhanu Lal Shah addressed a large public meeting. This is a constituency which had been badly affected in the eighties by the terror unleashed by the then alliance of the Congress and tribal extremists in a different variant, with different nomenclatures of the present avatar of the IPFT.

The then MLA Com Gautam Dutta had been brutally killed by this alliance. Paying homage to the martyrs of that difficult period in Tripura’s history, Brinda Karat drew the parallels with the present unholy anti-people, anti- peace alliance of the BJP-RSS -IPFT. Giving details she said Left Front Government has established peace and harmony. On all social and economic indicators Tripura has surged ahead of BJP States. We challenge the BJP to give the name of a single State which has the improvement in all social indicators as Tripura. Formation of Eighth Left Front Government and Defeat of the BJP will be Tripura’s gift to India said Com Brinda.

Bhanu lal Shaha gave details of the huge development work undertaken by the Left Front Government.