Doddi Komaraiah Bhavan, a memorial building commemorating Telangana armed struggle hero from Nalgonda district Doddi Komaraiah, was inaugurated by CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury in Nalgonda town on Tuesday, June 2nd. It will be a centre for conducting multifarious activities with involvement of various mass organisations. CPI(M) Central Committee member Cherupalli Seetharamulu hoisted the Party flag while veteran leader Anantharama Sharma unveiled Doddi Komaraiah memorial arch. The meeting hall was inaugurated by CPI(M) leader and veteran Telangana armed struggle participant Mallu Swarajyam.


CPI(M) Telangana state secretary Thammineni Veerabhadram inaugurated Narra Raghava Reddy memorial hospital in memory of the veteran leader from the district who passed away recently. Red shirt volunteers and scout squad welcomed the central and state leaders with fervour.





Yechury, who is visiting Telangana for the first time after assuming charge as general secretary, was the  chief speaker at a public meeting organised in Nalgonda town on June 02nd. A huge colourful rally was taken out in the town which was already decked in Red flags, festoons and posters. The rally and public meeting were organised on the three demands of ‘Reservations in private sector; BC sub plan and comprehensive development of Nalgonda’.


Addressing the gathering Yechury underlined the need for reservations in private sector as the public sector is being destroyed by successive governments. He said for a new India to be built it is imperative to simultaneously fight against economic exploitation and social oppression. He lambasted the Modi government’s one year rule in which there was naked assault on the livelihood of working people even as red carpet was thrown for the corporates. Not a single promise made by Modi before elections concerning the poor has been implemented, he charged. Yechury sasid those who were talking of end of Red flag will do better to remember that even Hitler had to face defeat in the hands of Red flag.


Thammineni Veerabhadram attacked the one year rule of KCR, which he said was marked by pro-corporate and pro-landlord policies. Although 800 farmers committed suicide in the past one year, KCR or his ministers did not find time to visit at least one affected family and console them. Nor did the government pay any compensation. He criticised the state government for launching a frontal assault on tribals in the name of promoting greenery in the state. Tribals who have long been cultivating forest lands are being forcibly evicted. State secretariat members B Venkat, J Ranga Reddy and Party district secretary N Narasimha Reddy were among those who spoke in the meeting.





Earlier in the day, Yechury addressed a meeting in Sundarayya Vignana Kendram organised by the CPI(M) Greater Hyderabad committees on the occasion of first anniversary of formation of Telangana state. Addressing the meeting Yechury cautioned the chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao to have a relook at his policies. He felt they were not in the direction of implementing the election promised made by the TRS. The pro-corporate tilt was very much evident, he felt. About distributing of 3 acres of land to poor dalits in the state, Yechury found fault with scheme where government would buy private land and distribute the same to dalits. With land prices hovering in the range of 2-5 lakh per acre, there is no way the government can acquire the required 15 lakh acres. That is why in the past one year only 1800 acres of land was distributed. Yechury said only by acquiring the excess lands in the hands of landlords can this promise be fulfilled. Without land reforms, there would be no basis for industrialisation and thus no jobs, generation of which was another promise made by TRS before elections.

Thammineni Veerabhadram launched a scathing attack on the TRS government for its various ommissions and commissions. He warned that the Left parties would launch a sustained struggle against the anit-people policies being pursued. M Srinivas, secretary of Greater Hyderabad Central committee presided over the meeting .


Yechury also addressed a ‘Meet the Media’ programme organised by journalist bodies – TWJF, APWJF and HUJ belonging to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. In this over one and half hour interaction Yechury dwelt on national issues, degeneration in parliamentary politics, the need for electoral reforms, his plans for strengthening the Party etc.