Press Release

The UPA-Left Coordination Committee meeting was held today (February 13, 2006). At the meeting the Left Parties conveyed their deep concern at the manner in which the government has gone ahead with certain important policy decisions. On the Iran issue the government has been voting with the US and EU-3 in the IAEA Board, preparing the ground for referral to the Security Council. On the modernization of the Delhi and Mumbai airports, the government decided to hand over the two airports to private companies, Serious questions are there about the way the bidding process has been vitiated.

Regarding FDI in retail trade, the decision of the government to allow 51 per cent for single brand category has also been taken despite the opposition of the Left.

The Left parties informed that on Iran a discussion should be held in parliament so that the people know where parliament stands on the matter. Other such issues will also be raised in parliament.
The Left parties conveyed to the government their views on the current political situation and how in the popular perception, the image of the government is getting affected.