Haryana state secretariat of CPI(M) has termed the remarks made by Union Minister Mr. V K Singh as most reprehensible and a criminal offence. While reacting to media over the gruesome burning to death of two dalit children in Sunped village in Haryana, the minister made an  outrageous analogy with of stoning a dog.


Party state secretariat member Inderjit Singh said that a person committing such grave misconduct must be prosecuted let alone remain a minister. Home minister Rajnath Singh has tried to underplay the gravity of the ministers remark by preaching ‘caution while speaking’. He must be dismissed forthwith from the ministry and face trial for his unacceptable remarks, Inderjit said in the statement.


The party has also strongly condemned yet another horrible incident of the death of another dalit boy. The body of the boy was found hanging in a deserted building in Gohana of Sonipat district. He was earlier taken into custody by the police. The Party has demanded strict action against those responsible for the death of the dalit youth.